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    Alfred Mugambi Mariga (Kenya):C4-O-2: Immunoregulatory role of Pleurotus eryngii superfine powder an (3)
    Prof. Yan Yang (China):C4-P-3: Flavour components?and its identification methods of edible and medic (5)
    Prof. Ulrike Lindequist (Germany):C4-P-1: The merit of medicinal mushrooms in medicine from a pharma (4)
    Hui Song (China): D5-O-4: An environment friendly and safe feed additive: Hericium caput-medusae (Bu (5)
    Wei Zeng (China): D5-O-3: Improved growth and immune function in broilers fed with daily diet supple (3)
    L.F.Gorovoj (Ukraine): D5-O-2: Human organism detoxication by medicinal mushrooms (3)
    Prof. Chunfeng Wang (China):D5-P-3: Study on exploitation and pharmacological effect on edible and p (4)
    Dr. Yongqiang Wang (China) :D5-P-2: Effect of dietary supplementation on improvement of growth and i (4)
    Prof. Omon S. Isikhuemhen (USA /Nigeria):D5-P-1: Current trends in medicinal mushrooms use in animal (5)
    KaHing Wong (Hong Kong, China):C1-O-19: Preparation of highly stable selenium nanoparticles with str (3)
    Daisuke Yamanaka (Japan):C1-O-18: Fungal beta-glucans modulate innate as well as acquired immunity (4)
    Boris Jakopovich (Croatia):C1-O-17: Effects of some medicinal mushroom products on inducing apoptosi (3)
    Xueming Liu (China):C1-O-16: Chemical compositions and immunomodulatory activity of Coriolus hirsutu (3)
    Di Wang (China):D2-O-10: Cordycepin affects ERKS and MTOR signalings to mediate hepatocellular carci (5)
    ShengLi Zhang (China):D2-O-7: Current status, prospects and challenges of cultured Cordyceps cicadae (3)
    Qingjiu Tang (China):D2-O-5: Study on the determination of nuclesides components of Cordyceps milita (3)
    Prof. Zuoyi Liu (China):D2-P-3: Studies on the active components of Cordyceps gunnii (3)
    J.M.F Wan (Hong Kong, China) :C1-O-15: Phellinus linteus: from nutriceuticals to pharmaceuticals (4)
    N.F. Kurochko (Ukraine):C1-O-14: Clinical experience of Mycoton use for treatment of diabetes type I (4)
    Meihua Mo (China):C1-O-13: Optimization of extracttion technology of polysaccharide of Tricholoma gi (3)
    Dr. Vinay K. Varshney (India):C1-P-9: Cultivation of different isolates of medicinal Chinese caterpi (3)
    Elena Savino (Italy):D2-O-4: Cordyceps sinensis and Ganoderma lucidum dietary supplements: effects o (4)
    Xiaoying Li (China): D2-O-3: Culture conditions on conidial production and germination in Ophiocordy (4)
    Jianyong Wu (China):D2-O-2: Mycelial fermentation and medicinal properties of a valuable medicinal f (4)
    Jiashi Zhu (China):D2-O-1: RAPD molecular polymorphic changes during Cordyceps sinensis maturation a (3)
    Hajime Kobori (Japan) :C1-O-12: Chemical studies on allelopathic   compounds from Armillaria sp. (3)
    Jing Wu (China):C1-O-10: Strophasterols A to D with an unprecedented steroid skeleton: from the mush (4)
    W.T. Qiu (China):C1-O-9: Search for novel functional compound from Tricholoma flavovirens. (3)
    Prof. Daniel Winkler (USA): D2-P-2: Steps towards sustainable management of Ophiocordyceps sinensis  (4)
    Prof. Yijian Yao (China):D2-P-1: Ophiocordyceps sinensis -recent research progress and future prospe (4)
    Prof. Changtian Li (China):C1-P-8: In vitro inhibitory effects on mushroom tyrosinase by Inonotus ob (4)
    Ms. Carmenza Jaramillo (Colombia):C1-P-7: Implementation of the edible mushroom Pleurotus spp. as a  (3)
    Dongbo Liu (China):D1-O-8: Single spore crossbreeding of Ganoderma lucidum (3)
    Yanfang Liu (China): D1-O-7: Characterization of bioactive β-D-glucan isolated from the fruiting bod (3)
    Chunping Xu (China):C1-O-8: Polysaccharides from mushroom and its application in the cigarette indus (3)
    Jessica Krisanti Gusman (Chinese Taipei):C1-O-7: The optimum submerged culture condition of Tremella (3)
    O.F.Seniuk (Ukraine):D1-O-6: Ability of the biopolymer complexes from Fomes fomentarius and Ganoderm (4)
    Xiling Mei (China):D1-O-5: Effect of light quality on growth and endogenous IAA metabolism of Ganode (3)
    Syntyche Seow Ling Sing (Malaysia):C1-O-6: Lignosus rhinocerotis (Cooke) ryvarden induces neuritogen (4)
    Neeranjini Nallathamby (Malaysia):C1-O-5: Cytotoxicity effect of selected indegenous mushrooms on bv (4)
    Dongmei Lin  (China): D1-P-6: Study on?Ganoderma lucidum?cultivated by JUNCAO grass (3)
    Dr. Jie Kang (China):D1-P-5: Advances on phytochemicals from Ganoderma mushroom in recent years (4)
    Prof. Haiying Bao (China):C1-P-6: Research on traditional Chinese mycomedica Inonotus sanghuang (4)
    Prof. Wai-Jane Ho (Chinese Taipei):C1-P-5: the growth requirements of a medicinal fungus Xylaria nig (3)
    Chia-Wei Phan (Malaysia):C1-O-4: Investigation of the role of culinary and medicinal mushrooms in ne (4)
    Daniel Sliva (USA):D1-O-4: Ganoderma lucidum today - from complex dietary supplements to biologicall (3)
    Dong Liu (China): C1-O-3: Explore the use of medicinal lichens from China (3)
    Prof. Yucheng Dai (China): (4)
    Prof. Jinsong Zhang (China):D1-P-3: Progresses and perspectives of Lingzhi Research (3)
    Prof. Vikineswary Sabaratnam (Malaysia):C1-P-4: Fibrinolytic and anticoagulant enzymes of selected m (3)
    Prof. Jichuan Kang (China):C1-P-3: Current status of medical application of Cordyceps sensu lato (4)
    Hsin Yu Hung (Chinese Taipei: D1-O-2: The anti-photoaging efficacies of Ganoderma lucidum extracts (4)
    Somayeh Keypour (Iran): D1-O-1: Study of morphology and mycelial growth characteristics of several G (3)
    Prof. Keto E. Mshigeni (Tanzania) :D1-P-2: Ganoderma mushrooms: perspectives and challenges (3)
    Prof. Zhibin Lin (China): D1-P-1: Anti-oxidative and free radical scavenging activity of Ganoderma l (4)
    Fei Xia (China):D5-O-1: Research progress on the application of the edible-medicinal fungi polysacch (4)
    Kumar Mahapatra (India):C1-O-2: Phytochemical and antioxidant potential of wild edible mushrooms use (4)
    Prof. Ha Won Kim (S. Korea) :C1-P-2: Immunological host defence mechanism and applications of fungal (4)
    Prof. L. J. L. D. van Griensven(the Netherlands ):C1-P-1: Phellinus linteus polysaccharide extracts  (4)
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    交流 (3)
    司仪风采 (1)
    D. J. Blum (USA):D4-O-1: Effect of monokaryotic growth rate and mating type allele frequency on prog (4)
    Prof. Chenyang Huang (China):D4-P-6: Mating type factors of Pleurotus eryngii var. tuoliensis (4)
    Ming Fang(China):D4-P-5: The research progress in the mating type genes structure and evolution of B (4)
    Prof. Anastasia Shnyreva (Russia):D4-P-4: The mata mating type locus of Pleurotus ostreatus (5)
    Prof. Baogui Xie (China):D4-P-3: The genome of Tremella fuciformis and its cohabitant fungus (Hypoxy (4)
    Meiping Zhang (China):D4-P-2: Mating type loci and mating genes in mushrooms (4)
    Prof. Mingjie Chen (China): D4-P-1: A primary study on mating gene of Volvariella volvacea (4)
    Paola Rossi (Italy):D3-O-2: Effects of Hericium erinaceus on spontaneous and evoked synaptic current (3)
    Sung-Yuan Hsieh (Chinese Taipei):D3-O-1: Tetrapolar incompatibility system of Antrodia cinnamomea, a (4)
    Prof. Song Yang (China): D3-P-3: In vitro anti-avian influenza virus activities of natural products (4)
    Dr. Shenghua Wu (Chinese Taipei):D3-P-2: Inonotus sanghuang: perspectives and challenges (4)
    Prof. H. Kawagishi (Japan): D3-P-1: Gargalols A, B and C, osteoclast-forming suppressing compounds f (4)
    Tingting Song:C2-O-1: Morphological characteristics and active components analysis of the wild medic (4)
    Prof. Kelvin Leung (Hong Kong, China):C2-P-2: Current evidence for the hepatoprotective   activity o (3)
    Prof. Franc Pohleven (Slovenia):C2-P-1: Activity of Cordyceps militaris water extract in the cells o (4)
    A.S.Krishnamoorthy (India):C5-O-1: Commercial prospects of milky mushroom (Calocybe indica var.apk2) (3)
    Ms. Nailoke Pauline Kadhila-Muandingi (Namibia):C5-P-6: Industrial production and marketing for medi (4)
    Dr. Angela Amazonas (Brazil):C5-P-5: Production and marketing of edible and medicinal mushrooms in B (4)
    Ms. Yi Liang (Canada):C5-P-4: Health. Wealth. Humanity. New strategic opportunities for integrating  (4)
    Prof. Raj D. Rai (India):C5-P-3: Research, production and trade of medicinal mushrooms in India (3)
    Prof. Jeng-Leun Mau (Chinese Taipei):C5-P-2: Edible and medicinal mushrooms, their fermented and pro (4)
    Prof. Jinchu Chen (Chinese Taipei):C5-P-1: Immunoregulatory role of Pleurotus eryngii superfine powd (4)
    Prof. Peter Cheung (Hong Kong, China):C3-P-3: New development in dietary supplements (4)
    Dr. Boris Jakopovich (Croatia): C3-P-2: Effects of medicinal mushroom extracts on bone remodeling (4)
    Dr. Hui Chen Lo (Chinese Taipei):C3-P-1: Medicinal mushrooms for glycemic control in diabetes mellit (4)
    C.O. Adenipekun (Nigeria):C2-O-15: Biodegradation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in cutting flu (4)
    D. J. Blum (USA):C2-O-14: Relationship between antibacterial activity and substrate degrading enzyme (5)
    Penghu Liu (China):C2-O-12: Comparative analysis of transcriptome profiling homokaryotic and heterok (4)
    Ting Guo (China):C2-O-11: Armillaria?species associated with?the traditional Chinese herb?Gastrodia? (4)
    Anon Auetragul (Thailand):C2-O-9: The current status and prospects of medicinal mushroom research an (4)
    Dr. Nadezhda V. Psurtseva (Russia):C2-P-4: Culture collections: germplasm resources for medicinal mu (5)
    Wenjing Wang (China): C2-O-7: Re-study of type materials of Paecilomyces sinensis (4)
    Binbin Li (China):C2-O-6: Medicinal value of Agaricus bisporus and its cultivation in Tibetan Autono (3)
    Louis R Panico (USA):C2-O-4: Photonic enrichment of vitamin d in mushrooms (4)
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